How BMW Mk2 Stacks Up as a Used Car in Grants Pass

During 2004, BMW launched its first number 1 series. Even though it wasn’t the most impressive design at the time, BMW soon came to be among the top selling used vehicles.

No doubt, buyers were thoroughly impressed by the badge. A vast range of body styles and engines catered to numerous enthusiasts taste for adventure.

Then, during 2011, BMW made way for their second generation models that sported incredible trims and engines. During this stage, the convertible and coupe made headway for another new series. Everybody regards the Mk2 as a tremendous used car Grants Pass buy.

BMW MK2 Background Information

Back in the day, you would have come across the 5-door hatch, and also a 3-door, that made its appearance during the latter half of May 2012. It wasn’t long before the fabulous M series arrived during in the middle of the year, during 2016.

What You Get With the 1-Series Mk2

Many of the Series models featured 5-doors as well as a diesel engine. However, the three-door cars appear to be more stylish. However, access to the rear seats is not the best.

What is truly fantastic is that the 8-speed autos and 6-speed stick-driven vehicles are favored by many an avid car enthusiast, who loves anything BMW.

With SE models they add multi functioning steering wheel, multimedia, and Bluetooth. Urban and Sports models both feature great looking alloys as well as a sportier detailing.

Alternatives to the BMW

One of BMW’s biggest rivals, the A3 made by Audi came out with a small hatch. What motorists like about the Audi are the beautiful cabin and smart styling. Having said that, it does not give such as good driving experience as the BMW series.

Similar things can be said concerning the Golf, which is almost on part with Audi. However, unlike the A3, the VW is not equipped with a 4-wheel drive.

Then, you have the 3rd-generation Mercedes A-class that makes for a fantastic used car in Grants Pass.  Do not overlook the Focus brand by Ford that proves to be a great passenger vehicle, even though its a less costly than the others.

Verdict on BMW

As the only rear-wheel-drive model in the segment, the Mk2 is a great vehicle to drive. What is more, it’s safe, beautifully built and comes with a big choice of efficient engines, so one does not have to sacrifice performance in the quest for economy.

Despite its ubiquity, the Mk2 isn’t necessarily the best bargain car around thanks to high prices when bought new. Unless you manage to get an excellent 2016 or 2017 model from reputed used cars Grants Pass dealerships such as

Further to this, the Mk2 series is considered a premium product. While it may not be the best value in its class, there is a lot to like about it.

What Do Used Car Dealers Say About the 1  Series Mk2

They give top marks for the engine and gearbox. Plus, they have high regard for its overall reliability, build quality, ride, and handling. Check out this social profile for Used Cars in Oregon.

According to proud owners of the vehicle, the best part about it is the driving experience due to the fact the controls are so nicely weighted. Then again, the build quality and reliability of the BMW have been excellent and so its economy.

How Does the BMW Mk2 Interiors Stack Up

Although the design is not that bad, the dash clarity and solid build cannot be faltered. Especially when it comes to the iDrive cabin controls. The only downer is that the shallow windows stand in the way of your visibility and the boot capacity is not all that great.

Misty Lights are great too as they are fitted with specialized ventilation, so any moisture is left behind the glass where it will find its way out, eventually.

One need to service your Mk2 at least every two years or when it reaches 20,000 miles. Whichever comes first. What is really cool is that you do not have to bother in replacing the coolant ever.

Whether you decide to opt for a BMW Mk 2 or any other used car model in Grants Pass, you should make it your business to seek advice from reputed used car dealerships.