Muzzle Brakes You Should Care About to Help Reduce Recoil

Can you believe that Amazon sells all sorts of things, including muzzle brakes? Their AR 15.223 product, even though regarded as generic, comes in at very low price without sacrificing on performance. In spite of the lower prices, recoil reduction still performed very well. Whereas the machining had some flaws such as nicks and burrs.Then again, the phosphate finish is not even, and with no wrench flat provided, you simply have to stick a tool into one of the ports so you can torque it down. Having said all of this, it performs like it should and features plenty of durabilities. Check out here for MadHouse Design – 308 Muzzle Brake.

Compensator Kit by Effin

This one can effectively be tuned by simply inserting an amount of screws that were included into the threaded holes. However, they do bottom out and can be torqued down as well. If you wish to reduce muzzle climb and also dust signature, then you may just plug the bottom holes. If your rifle’s action results in the muzzle moving to the left, you can just plug a hole towards the right to stop it from moving around. In a way, you have some form of control over how much as well as where the gasses are jetting out.

Kings 1222A

It is a combination flash hider and a 308 muzzle brake that reduces the recoil force by just under 50 percent while it maintains a clean and sleek design that is very light weight. Somehow it looks more like an integral part than a bolt-on muzzle brake. These guys claim to have excellent flash suppression, which is due to the ports being on top, meaning there is no fire or gas in the shooter’s line of sight.

M11-SPR (Special purpose rifle)

As the smaller brother to the Precision Armament M11, the M11-SPR is designed for precision accuracy, controlling the 308 muzzle and managing the recoil action. It made the world of difference on a Mosin, so the chap who tried it out thought it would be a good fit for the AR15 too, and it was as it kept the muzzle pretty steady.

M4-72 Heavy Duty Compensator

This one proved itself to be number one with regards to passing the stringent recoil test as it effectively eliminated as much as 74 percent of the recoil compared to that of a bare muzzle. It owes this kind of result to the slightly reversed vents it’s equipped with (Two one either side) just behind the first blast baffle. Despite being fitted with these reverse vents, the M4-72 has much less blast and concussion from when you are positioned behind the rifle than one would expect. Needless to say, this brake proves one can experience massive recoil reduction even in a smaller package.

ProComp 556

Seen to be a fairly long and dual-port muzzle brake that is equipped with an internal blast chamber, the ProComp 556 reduces muzzle rise with ease. It may appear as if though there are smaller holes drilled on each side of it, but these are only blind pilot holes. In the event that your firearm pulls to the right or left, then you may want drill one of those holes all the way through to reach the blast chamber.

When you struggle with a particular muzzle brake brand that newly arrived, but simply cannot function like you’d expect it to, then the MadHouse Design team is whom you need to offer timely advice and even offer a welcome replacement such as the Triple-port Muzzle Brake brand.

No Better Way to Stay On Target than with Triple Port Brakes

MadHouse Design offers their popular Triple-Port Muzzle Brakes that is not only engineered for performance but also provides one with a compact, yet sleek design. No doubt the TMB offers substantial performance improvement once fast, and accurate shooting is needed. Right from the solid bottom to ensure minimum dust signature to ports that face upwards, these 308 muzzle brakes provide one with an uninterrupted view of the target. Did we mention that they are machine engineered too?



The overall finish and how well it was machined is absolutely top notch. One cannot help but to take a photograph and share MadHouse Design with your best friends.